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Purchasing a new home or commercial space comes as a large investment. We rely on real estate agents to find the perfect home and attorneys ensure all legalities are met at the closing table. But in the middle of the buying process, the home inspector is summoned to provide perspective to the condition of that potential property allowing us to sleep better.



At Ironclad Property Inspections our goal is to provide inspection knowledge and analysis to assist with your new home or commercial space. We make the purchasing process less strenuous. We have the knowledge and background to determine existing and probable issues that could occur through years of ownership. Your agent will find your home but finding the right property inspector stops with Ironclad.




We cover every system aspect of a property - from foundation to roof, from walls to mechanicals. Our goal is not only to educate on all issues a home may have but maintenance tips to allow the prospective owner to care for their new property over the years to come.

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